Multicultural Art

Mask - Hopi Kachina
Animal Vessel - Mayan

AUTUMN NIGHT S. Soto,  Judges Favorite.jpg - 95510 Bytes METAL RELIEF
Milagro - Mexico
Reliquary - Africa

Abstraction - Merida
Aboriginal - Australia
European Masters

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Diversity is our strength ... unity is our goal.

Our motto holds true for the students enrolled in the Multicultural Art class. In the class, we explore the cultural foundation of and art techniques used in several cultures reflected in the school's community. It is our hope that through the greater understanding of others we will contribute to the creation of a culturally compassionate population of young adults.

During this one-year course of study our 9th through 12th graders are exposed, however briefly, to one or two traditional art forms from several cultures around the world. With a basic understanding of the original intent of the regional/tribal art, students go on to create their own interpretation of those themes. Students enjoy the variety and challenge of working in printmaking (linoleum and silkscreen), with clay, light metals (copper and aluminum), textiles, tempera and acrylic paint, beads, and various paper crafts. Students incorporate their own life experiences and personal preferences with the variety of materials provided to create a unique and varied art collection, many of which have won outstanding awards at the Alameda County Fair.


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There is no prerequisite for Multicultural Art,
a High School curriculum developed by Julie Curson,
James Logan High School, Union City, California

The course meets both the UC and CSU Visual Art requirement,
and the course may be repeated for credit.

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Mandala -Tibet
Rose Window-Christian

Mola - Kuna Indians
Mask - Mexican Dance
Pierce - Colonial America

Linoleum Block - Japan

Basket - Many Cultures
Beaded - Phillipines
Flat - Navajo

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